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Directions Found

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Access popular features from trusted map providers like Google Maps™, Bing™ Maps, MapQuest®

Find turn-by-turn driving directions

Find turn-by-turn driving directions:

Find driving directions from A to B quickly, with instant access to FREE directions. Get accurate driving directions to and from locations from Google Maps™, Bing™ Maps and MapQuest® and find the shortest route to your destination. All from quick links on your New Tab.

Get live traffic updates

Get live traffic updates:

Don’t waste time getting stuck in traffic for hours. Avoid traffic, accident spots and reach your destination faster. Adding Directions Found to your New Tab allows you to access quick links that give you live traffic updates, wherever you are.

Convenient Driving Directions

Make getting around town easier and more personal. Use offline maps from popular map links to get driving directions without an internet connection. Use these maps at your own convenience- without worrying about network connectivity.


More Options

Take your car, bike or public transit. Access all the ways to get around, so you can compare them easily and pick what’s best for you. Also, easily check the distance between locations. All this and more, from quick links to driving directions.


More Assistance

With access to instant links to map providers you can use reliable GPS navigation with voice guidance for driving directions in your car. Walk guidance takes you every step of the way, and you’ll never miss a bus, a train or the subway when you take public transit.

Directions Found

Optimize your route with Directions Found. Get live traffic updates & know which route to avoid. Plan your travel before you leave home. Access driving directions to any destination. Map multiple locations. View terrain & satellite maps to get a clearer view of your commute. Find nearby businesses, restaurants, hospitals, banks, gas stations, grocery stores & more. Make your everyday life easier with Directions Found